The Moss Piglet

Tough times don’t last, tough people do

This blog is named after the world’s most indestructible creature – the moss piglet, or also known as tardigrades. These microscopic animals are even more hardier than cockroaches and will continue to thrive for billions of years. The reason why this microbeast is chosen to represent this blog is that we aim to create a resilient investment portfolio for all stages of the economic cycle.

The Moss Piglet’s targets are to outperfom in a rising rate environment, protect capital in a downturn and to provide massive uncorrelated returns.

Defining Resilience

“Resilience” is a word that matters when it comes to building your investment portfolio. It is the ability to recover or bounce back from a “Black Swan” event. A resilient portfolio must be able to do just that – bounce back from sharp market downturns, preserve your capital and even keep your portfolio growing during volatile and turbulent times.

Building Resilience

There are many things that we can’t control or foresee. You need strategies and investments for these situations. It is too late to buy an umbrella after a thunderstorm has started. Financial markets tend to react to every event in the news but that does not mean that you, as an investor, should do that too. By applying control on your investment behavior and learning to be patient, it is possible to build a portfolio that is resilient enough to withstand any potential market volatility.

Quantifying Resilience

In future coming blog posts, I will be sharing on my thoughts on various topics on investing, case studies as well as some value investing tips that I find useful to apply in my value investing strategy. Till then, cheers!