Second Thoughts

Last Friday, US and China trade negotiators have met for the 13th time since the US imposed trade tariffs on China. The markets were initially buoyed by the news of a "love fest" between the two nations and commodity prices like soybean and cotton soared. However, the more I read into the "trade deal" and … Continue reading Second Thoughts


The Difference Between a Good Investor and a Great Investor

Anyone can be an investor. Select a strategy, approach, strategy or model and put in your money to create your portfolio. Depending on the performance, you may get returns that beat whatever index you bench-marked your portfolio against and be considered a "good" investor. But what does it takes to be elevated into "great" status … Continue reading The Difference Between a Good Investor and a Great Investor

Math is the Simple Part

Last week, we had a little drama in Singapore's investing landscape when Yangzijiang Shipbuilding(SGX:BS6) plunged more than 20% from $1.29 to hit a 2.5 year low at $0.86. It has then recovered to about $1.01 currently. For more info, you can click on the link below; It has stirred up tons of discussions among … Continue reading Math is the Simple Part