Math is the Simple Part

Last week, we had a little drama in Singapore's investing landscape when Yangzijiang Shipbuilding(SGX:BS6) plunged more than 20% from $1.29 to hit a 2.5 year low at $0.86. It has then recovered to about $1.01 currently. For more info, you can click on the link below; It has stirred up tons of discussions among … Continue reading Math is the Simple Part

CNMC Goldmine (SGX:5TP) : 2Q19 Results Review

CNMC Goldmine (SGX:5TP) has released their 2Q19 results yesterday after trading hours. On first glance, it seems like it has an excellent quarter, reversing from a loss in the same period last year. This is actually expected as mentioned in my previous post on them. The real question is not whether they will report … Continue reading CNMC Goldmine (SGX:5TP) : 2Q19 Results Review

CNMC Goldmine (SGX:5TP) – Time to Shine Again?

Gold's rally in 2019 is not showing any signs of abating, with prices climbing to fresh highs amid uncertainty in global markets. I've decided to take a look at CNMC Goldmine to see if there are any investing opportunities. Company Background CNMC Goldmine Holdings Limited is a Singapore-based investment holding and management company. The Company … Continue reading CNMC Goldmine (SGX:5TP) – Time to Shine Again?

OKP Holdings (SGX:5CF) – This, Too, Shall Pass

In Singapore's rather small infrastructure construction landscape, there are few market leaders that are well known throughout the industry. You have KTC for earthworks, CSC/Ryobi Kiso for bored piling, Yongnam for steel construction etc etc. For roadworks, we have Or Kim Peow Contractors (OKP). OKP Holdings Limited and its subsidiary corporations are a leading infrastructure … Continue reading OKP Holdings (SGX:5CF) – This, Too, Shall Pass